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Darren Taylor announces listing of franchise-focused holding group Incergo S.A

Darren Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Franchising, has announced the launch of Incergo S.A (“Incergo”) on the Vienna Direct Market.

Agglomeration model

As the group’s new CEO, Taylor will be using an ‘Agglomeration Model’, to build the business, inviting franchisors to join the publicly listed company, without losing their brand’s identity.

Build stronger franchise businesses

Taylor explains: “Incergo’s business strategy is to build a first-class group, harnessing the knowledge of experienced franchisors, to build bigger and stronger franchise businesses for them and their networks. We are now formally inviting UK and international franchise brands to join us at this exciting time in our new global ecosystem.”

Multiple franchise aquisitions

From buying his first Stumpbusters franchise territory in 2006, to his most recent purchase of Chemex International in July 2022, Taylor now owns or part-owns, Stump Busters, Wilkins Chimney Sweep, PVC Vendo, Chemex, Iconic Window Cleaning, Mister Tacho, Broadway Wine Company, (WIBN) Women in Business Network, Wagging Tails.

PVC Vendo is the first brand to join the new publicly listed company.

Franchise identity retained

Taylor continued: “Every franchisor knows that a collaborative approach works; it’s a mantra we’ve been preaching in our industry for years. When a franchise brand joins Incergo they won’t lose their identity, we’ll respect the franchisor’s right to still run their company exactly as they did before and we won’t insist on centralised operations, although we’d encourage them to work together, when it is mutually beneficial. By working together, franchisors will benefit from peer-to-peer support, joint operational efficiencies and economies of scale, helping us all to build stronger, more resilient franchises for the future.”

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About Incergo

Incergo S.A brings together a wide range of profitable, best-in-class businesses with a unique formula for growth. The company’s business strategy is a holding company that acquires companies that are master franchise businesses.


Contacts for IR and media enquiries:

IR Enquiries: Incergo S.A, Charlotte Williams,, +44 (0)770 396 3953

UK and franchise press enquiries: Louise Bruce, +44 (0)787 602 6432

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