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From redundancy to franchising success with Wilkins Chimney Sweep

We are so proud of Richard Bryan for appearing in this video made by the British Franchise Association. The interview was about his journey from redundancy to franchising and we think you'll agree he did a great job.

In the interview with Helen Thompson QFP, Executive Support Manager at the British Franchise Association, Richard describes how he took voluntary redundancy from his long-term career in the public sector. He did some research, found Wilkins, liked their offering and bought his territory. In six years he turned his franchise into the 'biggest chimney sweeping business in the North East.' He has subsequently sold his business to a friend (who he sometimes goes back and works for during the busiest sweeping periods!) and is now working for the franchisor, using his experience to help run the franchise and to support and guide new franchisees.

In his wonderfully understated, Richard-like way, when describing his franchise journey he says, 'Well it turned out alright for me.' And so it did.

We still have plenty of Wilkins Chimney Sweep territories for sale across the country. If you would like to emulate Richard's success and grow your own business but with our support (and his!) get in touch today.


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