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Taylor Made Franchising in first franchising success story

Darren Taylor (R) has recently helped Andy Hiscock to franchise his business and sign two franchisees in just 4 months.

New method to franchise a business

Using an innovative new method he has developed for franchising businesses, highly experienced franchisor Darren Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Franchising has successfully helped Andy Hiscock, owner of Iconic Window Cleaning, to franchise his window cleaning business and sell his first two franchise territories in just four months.

In exchange for a 25% share of Iconic Window Cleaning, which Andy runs with partner Krystal Edwards, Darren and his experienced head office team have guided Andy through the franchising process and helped him sell his first two territories.

Minimise risk to franchisor

To minimise risk and financial outlay to prospective franchisors, if pre-agreed and legally documented KPI’s are not met after an agreed length of time, eg number of franchise territories sold, the shares will be returned, allowing both parties to exit the arrangement.

50 years of franchise experience

Taylor said,

‘I bought my first franchise territory in 2006 and fairly quickly afterwards bought the entire company. Along with my franchise team, who combined have over 50 years of experience in franchising, I now own and run four successful franchise brands, StumpBusters, PVC Vendo, Wilkins Chimney Sweep and Thomas Cleaning with approximately 66 franchisees and a turnover in the region of £6m a year. We are therefore exceptionally well qualified to help business owners to franchise their business in 2021. Our method is quicker, less expensive and more efficient than traditional methods. We work closely with the BFA (British Franchise Association) and will be ensuring Andy builds and runs his franchise to their ethical standards, with a view to becoming members in due course.’

'Rocket Powered to franchising success'

He continued,

‘From the moment Andy and I signed the paperwork he became one of the team and as such we opened up our vaults of knowledge and experience to him and rocket powered his route to franchising success. Not only have we helped him to understand the true cost of building a franchise, the costs to market and to recruiting a franchisee; we’ve also helped him create all the necessary documentation such as non-disclosure agreements, franchise agreements, operations manuals, training manuals etc. My team have also coached him on every step of the franchisee recruitment journey from how to spot a good potential franchisee, to delivering Discovery Days. When restrictions are lifted my team will be physically by his side as he visits franchisees in territory, to conduct regional support meetings.’

Large franchise network

‘Finally, we’ve introduced him to our existing network of nearly 70 franchisees, two of whom decided to add an Iconic Window Cleaning franchise to their business portfolios.’

Andy said,

‘From my first call with Darren in late 2020, to receiving back two signed franchise agreements has been remarkably quick and I know I’d never have been able to achieve these results without Taylor Made Franchising’s help. I’d been thinking about franchising the business for approximately five years and in just five months with Darren, David and Alan’s help, I’ve turned that dream into a reality. It is great to know that I have such experienced help at the end of a phone and, in a few months’ time, if all goes well with the country’s recovery from COVID, they’ll be there in person too.'

Experienced franchise support

He continued,

'The access I’ve had to paperwork, systems, suppliers and sheer knowledge has been quite incredible. Although it has been hard work and I’ve had to hand over the running of the operational business to Krystal while I build the franchise, I am thoroughly enjoying it and am really excited to see what the future brings. So far I’d thoroughly recommend it as a route to franchising in what I see as a relatively ‘risk free’ scenario.’



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