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Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchisees score franchise 97% in independent satisfaction survey

Wilkins Chimney sweep has achieved their highest ever score in a WorkBuzz Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark (FSB) Survey to date.

Franchise Ownership Survey

The FSB invites franchisees to participate in an anonymous online survey, which asks them 27 questions about their franchise ownership experience. Using a consistent methodology, the franchise is assigned an overall FSB score and the highest performing franchisors are then recognised in the Best Franchise Awards held later in the year.

This year the chimney-sweeping franchisees gave their franchise a 97% overall satisfaction score, improving on their 2021 score by 8% and scoring a full 100% in 18 out of the 27 questions asked.

100% Scores for Franchisor

Amongst the areas franchisees scored their franchisor 100% for were: Trust, Head Office Support, Peer Support, The Brand, Proven System, Respect and Feeling Valued.

92% of franchisees agreed that they had a good work-life balance, would recommend the franchise to others and would do it all again.

Positive Franchisee Feedback

Comments left for the franchisor included:

  • “I feel fully supported by HO in respect to issues/concerns, marketing and my business development. Other members of the network are always quick and willing to respond to queries and advice.”

  • "Wilkins is a strong brand and has lots of recognition in my local area. HO ensures that I have the technology, training and support for me to stand out amongst the competition.”

  • “Recent meetings and conferences have given me confidence that the leadership team have a solid business plan going forward.”

  • “Wilkins is a great franchise with a proven model. I wish I'd done it sooner. I'm more than happy to recommend to others (and have done). I'm proud of the brand and my part in its success.”

Lisa Kimber, franchise manager at Wilkins Chimney Sweep said: “We are blown away by the results of our latest WorkBuzz Franchisee Satisfaction Benchmark report and thank the franchisees for taking the time to complete the survey.’

Best Franchise Environment

“We take part every year, to make sure we are on top of our game; even though we have open and honest dialogue with all our franchisees, we think it is good for them to have this anonymous vehicle to report any areas of concern. As a franchisor we work tirelessly to ensure we are giving our franchisees the best environment to build successful, sustainable businesses, to support them and their families, and we are delighted to hear that we are ticking so many boxes for them. One of the questions we scored 100% in is that they know we will ‘Act on Feedback’ which is completely true; no business is perfect, and any points raised in this survey will be addressed.”

Thanks to Franchisees

Darren Taylor, MD of Taylor Made Franchising which owns Wilkins Chimney Sweep said: “Our thanks to the franchisees for completing this survey and their great feedback, but mostly my thanks must go to Lisa Kimber and Richard Bryan, the head office team at Wilkins Chimney Sweep. It is they who deal with things on a day-to-day basis and, as the report shows, they are doing an extremely good job. We currently have 16 franchisees in Wilkins and sincerely hope that with testimonials and a score like this, many more will visit our website to find out more about this great franchise opportunity.

Wide Choice of Franchise Businesses

He continued: "If Wilkins isn’t for you, we now have nine other franchise businesses in Taylor Made Franchising, giving a wide choice to anyone considering buying a franchise as their next move to self-employment.”

Franchise Open Day 14 September 2022

Taylor Made Franchising is holding a virtual Open Day for anyone who would like to know more about their franchising brands on Wed 14th September 2022 from 11am to 12pm. For more information please visit:

If you would like to know more about a Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchise, please contact visit our website or email


About the Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark (FSB)

The FSB is provided by WorkBuzz, a leading independent franchise consultancy. It works by inviting existing franchisees to participate in an anonymous online survey which asks them questions about their franchise ownership experience. Using a consistent methodology, the franchise is assigned an overall FSB score and the highest performing franchisors are recognised in the Best Franchise Awards. For more information, please visit

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