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Window cleaning franchise trains first two franchisees

Three men, standing in front of a white van with blue and grey writing on it. There are clouds in the sky. The van has ladders on the roof.
L to R: Simon Warren, Andy Hiscock and Adrian Steel from Iconic Window Cleaning

Franchise Training Complete

Iconic Window Cleaning, who we entered into a strategic partnership with at the end of 2020, has successfully completed training for its two new franchisees.

Two men standing either side of a pop up banner that says Iconic Window Cleaning on it. They are both smiling.
L to R: Andy Hiscock and Taylor Made Franchising MD, Darren Taylor

For a 25% share in the business, we have guided Iconic’s founder Andy Hiscock through franchising the business and recruiting his first two franchisees in just a matter of months.

Pre agreed KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) were put in place, which include how many franchisees will be recruited within a certain amount of time. If these KPI’s are not met, the shares will be returned and the agreement dissolved, meaning much less risk to the new franchisor.

With five franchise businesses and nearly 70 franchisees within the Taylor Made Franchising group already, it didn’t take long for two interested parties to step forward internally to claim a territory.

A man is standing beside the back of a van. He is wearing a black polo shirt and blue jeans. The back of the van has the name Iconic Window Cleaning written on it with a logo.
Adrian Steel - new franchisee with Iconic Window Cleaning

Adrian Steel will be adding his new Iconic Window Cleaning franchise to his existing Wilkins Chimney Sweep and PVC Vendo businesses.

A man is standing in front of a silver van. Along the side of the van we can read the writing Iconic Window Cleaning. The man is smiling.
Simon Warren - new franchisee with Iconic Window Cleaning

Simon Warren who runs the Thomas Cleaning Franchise head office in Chipping Norton will be adding an Iconic Window Cleaning franchise to the business, allowing them to offer existing cleaning clients a window cleaning service as well.

Founder Andy Hiscock, who left a career in IT to set up Iconic in 2005 now runs the business with partner Krystal Edwards.

Andy said,

‘It was great to be able to get our first two franchisees through their classroom-based training and on to the practical training. I didn’t have any experience of classroom teaching, but Alan and David from Taylor Made Franchising guided me through the whole thing, and I really enjoyed it. We’ve now moved on to the practical training which is much more in my comfort zone and I’m enjoying teaching the guys how to clean windows properly.’

New franchisee Adrian Steel said,

‘Training has gone really well at the company’s Dorset offices. I will be running my Iconic Window Cleaning business as a management franchise, which means I’ve employed staff to do the day to day cleaning, whilst I’ll be concentrating on building up the client base and marketing and advertising the business. My first member of staff has already completed their first week of practical training shadowing Andy so we should be ready to start taking our first clients within a few weeks.’

Franchise Manager at Taylor Made Franchising Alan McLean said,

‘I’m really happy with the way things have gone in this first onboarding session. Andy has many years of experience running his window cleaning business and my team and I have huge amounts of experience in launching franchises so together we made an excellent team. While Andy teaches them the finer details of physically cleaning windows in a myriad of different settings from office blocks and pubs to domestic homes, we major on the administrative side of the business, the accounting system, advertising, marketing, etc. There’s a lot to learn but we’ll always be here to support our franchisees and of course, now for our new franchisor Andy, it really is the beauty of franchising, you’re never alone.’

If you would like to know more about franchising your business or buying an Iconic Window Cleaning Franchise please visit: or


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