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National franchise magazine names Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchisee as 'Franchisee Of The Year'

Kris McLernon, a former REME soldier who bought his Wilkins Chimney Sweep franchise in November 2021, has been named a 'Franchisee of the Year' by industry magazine What Franchise.

Wilkins was acquired by Taylor Made Franchising in 2018. The chimney sweeping business, founded in 1895 and franchised in 2011, has 16 franchisees trading over 24 territories across the UK. The company also owns or part owns StumpBusters UK Ltd, PVC Vendo, Chemex, Mister Tacho Ltd, Broadway Wine Company, Women in Business Network (WIBN) and Wagging Tails.

Kris was one of 14 franchisees, nominated by their franchisors for their outstanding performance in running their businesses. The judges deemed Kris and his fellow winners to have 'not only withstood the challenges of COVID-19 but to have brought something extra to their role and sector in 2022.'

Franchise Manager Lisa Kimber said: 'The accolades just keep rolling in for Kris and rightfully so. He works incredibly hard and invests heavily in marketing and social media which have undoubtedly contributed to his success. In May last year, he won the 2022 Scottish Ex-Forces in Business Awards in the ‘New Service Leaver’ category which was also richly deserved. We are with Kris every step of the way on his franchisee journey, advising him, encouraging him and giving him all the tools and information he needs to grow a successful business.'

Commenting on his win Kris said: 'It's wonderful - it's nice that all my hard work is paying off. I've been working extremely hard and I've had great support from my franchisor too.'


About Wilkins Chimney Sweep

Wilkins Chimney Sweep is owned by 'Taylor Made Franchising'. The company also owns or part owns, the following franchise organisations: · StumpBusters UK Ltd · PVC Vendo · Chemex. Mister Tacho Ltd.· Broadway Wine Company· Women in Business Network (WIBN) · Wagging Tails Discounts are available for ex-military personnel. Please contact Alan McClean for more details or ring 07450 940 312.

About Wilkins Chimney Sweep (Lanarkshire)

· Wilkins Chimney Sweep (Lanarkshire) is owned by Kris McLernon

· Phone: 01555 242 241


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